Sunday, April 5, 2009

Osteoporosis - Natural, Alternative Treatments

Dear Anonymous "Fragile" person,
Osteoporosis can be a very uncomfortable, scary and debilitating condition. Hopefully, you have a good physician that is working to differentially diagnosis the reason for the early and rapid decline of your bony matrix. Fosamax does have it's drawbacks, although it often is helpful for osteoporosis involving the neck of the femur in the hip. Some of the latest research shows value in natural and alternative supplementation with Calcium Collagen Chelate under the trade name of "Koact". When utilized in conjunction with a good Vitamin K2 supplement and 10 minutes of sun exposure per day the prognosis shows much promise. Research on such is published here: "Increase in bone mineral density through oral administration of shark gelatin to ovariectomized rats"
Nutrition, Volume 21, Issues 11-12, November-December 2005, Pages 1120-1126. In addition, according to Wolff's Law of Bone Adaptation, bones remodel according to stress applied. Thus, weight bearing exercise and iso-tonic exercises like leg press machines can help increase bone mass.


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