Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Answer to Chelsie about list of symptoms

Hi Chelsie, for some reason, my normal reply system on my blog would not respond to your comments. So, hopefully this new post I'm composing specifically for you will be seen by you. I certainly am at a loss by trying to give you advice simply from your list of symptoms. However, it is suggestive to me that you have some signs of what is called a vertebral artery syndrome. This is a compromise of blood flow through an artery that passes through your cervical spine. Certainly, I'm purely giving you an educated guess. That being said, it is clear to me that must be tested for this to rule it out. In my opinion, there are no other therapies that should be tried until this is ruled out.

1- lightheadedness
2- brain fog (depersonalization)
3- a shaky feeling inside my head. it’s very scary.
it’s almost like a vibration in my brain. 4- pressure in the neck area.
5- i see stars and all sorts of different kinds of spots in my vision.
6- dizziness & a feeling of just being off balanced
7- neck pain
8- pain behind eyes
9- tingling in my face
10- involuntary eye movements
11- fatigue
12- pain in back of head that shoots off to the sides
13- light sensitivity
i was once a stomach sleeper for a very long time (i’m 21 years old)
i find myself grabbing my neck alot because it helps a little bit. i have anxiety, but i honestly feel there’s something wrong. i’ve had my thyroid checked & my mri came back perfect. could it be my neck causing these scary symptoms?