Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best Weight Loss Drink Beverage

Want a super-concentrated green tea drink that tastes great, sheds pounds and inches, retards aging and heals your body? It's now possible with Green Tea HP, a proprietary blend of pure and highly concentrated EGCG-rich, live green tea extract, healing nutrients, natural stress reducers and trace minerals. Consider the addition of an anti-aging super-fruit blend and WOW -- GreenTeaHP wins my vote as the most effective and sustainable way to achieve health and well-being while changing the way you look forever.

Green Tea HP Superiority

  • Formulated with super-concentrated amount of green tea's most beneficial ingredient known as EGCG (equivalent to 8-10 cups of organic green tea)

  • GreenTeaHP is like a "drinking fountain of youth and wellness"

  • Single-serve pixies mix instantly with water so you can take GreenTeaHP with you anywhere, anytime.

  • Potent energy drink, sports' drink, and great for general hydration

  • A great compliment and adjunct to all diet plans including the HCG diet

  • Reduce consumption of high-calorie, poor-nutrition beverages like coffee, energy drinks, unhealthy weight-loss or soda drinks

  • IN SUMMARY, you eliminate extra calories and unhealthy chemicals from your diet, while increasing your metabolism, energy level, productivity and longevity.

Key Ingredient

Healthy Benefits for Various Conditions

Green Tea (EGCG)

Anti-oxidant that Improves overall wellness, increases metabolism, promotes weight loss, increases energy, lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of various cancers, dilates coronary and peripheral arteries, helps reduce mouth bacteria and gingivitis. It should also be noted that green tea reduces "platelet clumping" and therefore the risk of stroke or heart attack. It also helps diabetics utilize insulin and reduces hemoglobin A1C.


General well-being, vitality, potent anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy benefits


Potent anti-oxidant that is an endothelial dilator by increasing nitric oxide, reverses arteriosclerosis and vessel disease, hypertension, shrinks enlarged prostates, reduces symptoms of menopause and lessens the risk of breast cancer


High ORAC value anti-oxidant that reduces cholesterol, fights infection, anti-tumor properties, a stress reducer


An amino acid that is relaxing and stress reducing


Retards aging, cardio-vascular benefits

Sea-sourced Trace Minerals

Promotes a multitude of necessary bodily functions, including the regulation of heart beat, the contraction of muscle, and the facilitation of enzymes and anti-oxidants.

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