Friday, January 15, 2010

DR. OZ – The Wellness Messiah

As a retired chiropractic physician and quasi wellness expert I have long espoused the true philosophy of wellness. I’m what Doctor Oz would call a “wellness warrior”. I can really relate to the philosophy administered by Dr. Oz and the Dr. Oz show team. It pleases me to note that a well-respected medical doctor like Mehmet Oz is reaching a vast audience with a common sense approach for care of the human frame. As a nation we have lived in an environment whereby doctors have hastily recommended surgery or loaded patients up with powerful medicines. We must turn our focus to health and away from simply treating diseases as they arise. I’ll take this moment to commend Dr. Oz for his valiant efforts and designate him the “Wellness Messiah”.

Personally, I have lived true to the wellness warrior lifestyle and strongly advocated such to my friends and family members. During my journey as a health care provider I often experienced the need to overcome negative rhetoric surrounding the chiropractic profession from both patients and allopathic (conventional medicine) colleagues. I found it interesting that patients dosed with multiple medications from their medical doctor(s) were often those that suffered from the greatest ill-health. I have jousted with patient apprehension for alternative therapies, yet have been joyful when the acceptance of such produced a welcomed result.

I believe chiropractors were the first modern day wellness professionals although ancient medicine had its origins in what we now consider alternative therapies. The foundation of the wellness warrior is a strong belief in the innate recuperative powers of the human body. An active, harmonious lifestyle combined with a balanced, colorful, and sustainable diet is the way of the warrior. Key components exclude processed grains and sugars, but require proper breathing, movement (exercise), dependence on vital plants/herbs and judicious use of all Mother Earth’s bounties.

“Let me take this opportunity to join Dr. Oz in welcoming new Wellness Warriors to a vital and long life.”


  1. Hello, I wondered if you were still checking and replying to posts on this web site?

    I am 25 and really struggling with cervical kyphosis and need some pointers.

    Your help would be very appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ruthie, I wrote an article on that specific subject with many suggestions for self help. Check it out here:


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